Don’t judge a book by its cover, such a well known saying but still one we cannot help ignoring. Let’s be honest we tend to judge someone’s health on their physical appearance; generally it’s the slimmer the healthier, right? “Wrong!!!” If that’s your opinion please, please change it.

I’m 3days away from the end of the STONEiMAGE experiment, 8weeks eating a high fat diet whilst not training. Throughout the experiment I’ve been conscious of the fact that my health has consistently been judged by how I look, those following my journey’s 1st response when they see me is generally, “wow, Erron you don’t look fat yet”. Now granted I haven’t put on a huge amount of visible weight when comparing my appearances

cut the fat

but health is not judged solely upon your appearance. I feel terrible, lethargic, unenthusiastic, low spirited and more recently I’ve experienced insomnia, shortness of breath and abdomen pains. The experiment wasn’t all about how fat I would get but more about what an unhealthy living will do to my health and how it affects all aspects of my life. It’s just interesting to me that my physical appearance is the aspect of the experiment that people are primarily drawn to. My health has deteriorated a lot that upon visiting my GP he referred me to a blood clinic to have my blood tested for glucose and cholesterol levels. It’ll be 3-5days before the results are sent to my Doctor and I’m called in to discuss them, I hope he doesn’t say Erron you should probably sit down for this.

Now my question to you is do you judge your health on what you see in the mirror? Being a trainer I’ve heard it all before, “I don’t need to exercise, I have good genes”, “I look good so I’m fine” or “when I start to put on weight later on in life then I’ll start to exercise”. Any of these sound familiar? You could be setting yourself up for future health issues. Prevention is better than cure so for a better standard of living exercise more, you’ll be surprised what good health actually feels like. Don’t judge a book by its cover, even if you’re the owner of that book.

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