cutthefatAre you one of those people who when approaching a training regime to get in shape you get your mind right and focused first? If you are one of the few then you’ll more likely be the ones achieving your fitness goals looking great on the beach while the others wonder what they were doing wrong. A lot of people fail to link mental fitness with physical fitness and therefore fall off at the first hurdle of their fitness journey. It takes real mental strength to push yourself past your comfort zones, work through the pain, stay consistent, remain disciplined with your eating and stay focused on your goal, which is what you need to do to achieve that desired beach body. It needs to become a conscious lifestyle change, do what you’ve always done and you’ll get what you’ve always got.

Goal setting is key, not only in fitness but in life in general. Ask yourself “if you have no goal in life, what is your purpose for living?”

In the STONEiMAGE Experiment I have reached the pivotal point where now is the time to lose that extra weight gained 5kg (just under a stone) and the 8% increase in body fat. I have set my goals for the 4week training period, written it down, placed it somewhere that I’ll see daily and I read it at least once a day and visualise how I will look. I’ve written it in a style where it’s already achieved; this erases any doubt in my head and keeps my mind positively channeled.

I suggest you to do this and also attach a picture of that body you want, whether it is a celebrity or an old photo of how you once looked but the goal needs to be realistic to you. Use the acronym SMART to write your statement:

Specific- Your target needs to be specific, “I want to lose weight” is not enough. Write your desired weight

Measurable- How will your progress be measured? Dress size, scales, body measurements etc

Achievable- Goals must require you to do your best but be achievable

Realistic- Is your goal realistic and are you able to put in the work necessary to achieve

Timed- When will you achieve your goal by? Definite date should be set

Those of you who may have read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne will recognise the term, what you think about you bring about or thoughts become things, this is that same principle. If you’re sceptical all the sporting achievers use visualisation before major competitions and now sports psychology is a common practice. You may feel this is a bit excessive but it all depends on how much you really wish you desire to achieve your goal.