cutthefatSo I’m near the end of the 7th week of the STONEiMAGE experiment and whilst the superficial external physical changes haven’t been hugely drastic, the changes in my demeanour have. I am constantly tired with energy levels dropping further all the time. With exercise eradicated from my lifestyle combined by the unhealthy eating has left me hugely lethargic. It has not only affected my social life but more importantly my business too. I looked over my figures for new clients and sessions gained over the last 6weeks and compared them to this time last year. This time last year I had gained 8 new clients, 10 more sessions per week, which totalled added revenue of £1800 to my income which I was already receiving from my existing client base. When you compare that to me only gaining 3 new clients, 3 more sessions per week with revenue of £520 over the same period this year you can see there has been a huge drop. This I link to the fact that I spend less time in the gym when I’m not there training clients and that time is now spent either sleeping or lazing around. When I’m exercising regularly I’m happier, I feel so much more driven, positive, my energy levels are sky high and therefore I am a much better trainer and business man. Now that’s my personal experience of how my deteriorating health is affecting my accumulation of wealth but it got me to thinking on whether there is a direct link between health and wealth, looking at the impact of exercise on the career part of life.

With my new found free time given to me through no longer exercising I have been reading, with my current book of choice being Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill. With over 15million copies sold worldwide he looks at the mindset of the wealthy and powerful, giving us methods to instil the same mindset in our heads. In 1 chapter he lists “the 30 major causes of failure”. No.6 happened to be ILL HEALTH listing overeating of bad foods and lack of physical exercise among others as his definition of ill health.

Speaking to my Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) tutor Christine Dawson of Quest for Success, she said that “The mind-body connection is irrefutable. I believe that we attract wealth through the psychology and physiology of excellence. Through exercise Energy is released, alignment and congruence are achieved; health improves followed by total motivation to succeed”.

There has been no secret made of the good feeling you get from exercise with the release of endorphins into the body leaving you feeling exhilarated after a workout. Imagine that feeling every day before going off to work or after a stressful day, which can only be beneficial to your future endeavours. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, get your trainers out dust them off, go for a run or hit the gym and you’ll see.

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