The last few months have been a real journey for me both mentally and physically. I’ve purposely placed my body under immense pressure to convey a message to all who have come across the experiment that it is so important to stay healthy by eating well and exercising.

It’s obvious to all that eating badly and not exercising will lead to bad physical health, but is that where the butt ends? For me it didn’t end there, as a Personal Trainer exercising and eating well is a natural part of my life. The impact of eating a high fat diet of 5000 calories per day while not training not only affected my physical appearance

cut the fat

but also my internal health, mood, confidence, motivation, energy levels and the income of my business. Now apart from the stomach pains and lethargic feeling the rest wasn’t something I necessarily noticed at the time but since I’ve started training again and eating well I’ve noticed how much more uplifted and happy I now feel. Looking back at the past videos I can see that it’s not the same person who stands here today, my eyes looked almost zombie like, very glazed over, face was puffy, my whole demeanour was so withdrawn and lacked va va voom. It’s unbearable to watch, but now looking at my latest videos you can sense the change and the va va voom is well and truly back. The fact I never noticed at the time shows that the millions of people who don’t regularly exercise and eat well will probably not even know that there lifestyle is affecting a lot more than just their physical appearance with obesity aggressively on the rise in England. It’s proven that on average people who exercise regularly lead happier lifestyles and the positive effects of exercise is only something you will experience once you become more active and I guarantee you’ll love the feeling.

Now that I’m coming to the end of the experiment I feel a real sense of achievement for getting through it, trust me there was some real trying times when I felt like I wanted to stop. At times I felt so lazy I didn’t want to get up and go to work. Even with my greatest efforts not to let the experiment affect my work a part of me feels that maybe my clients suffered a little from my lack of enthusiasm and energy. On the flip side I feel like I have walked in some of theirs and future clients shoes, I now have greater knowledge and awareness of the lifestyle changes needed to get in shape and the effects that not making these changes cause. This will ultimately make me a better Personal Trainer!

More importantly though I really hope that I have placed a seed of thought in some peoples minds to change their lifestyles just through them seeing how it affected me. If I have inspired some people to make a change in their lifestyle then me putting myself under stress would have been all worth it.

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