The Sun has finally come and that means summer is fast approaching, time to get fit for the summer. This is the time for me as a Personal Trainer where it gets really busy with the last minute rush to get beach body fit for holiday season, the gym is already filling up and not that I’m complaining but if these people started in the winter they’d already have their summer body and would take this time to chill and actually enjoy the Sun (cause we never know how long it’ll last). Ok!!! I’ve finished my moaning and now I’m here to help you get beach fit it a short space of time.

cut the fat

During my 12week experiment I devised a high intense training programme consisting of weights, high speed cardio and circuit training to effectively burn fat quickly. I married that up with a balanced healthy diet to give you all the needed nutrients to maintain the training and also trim down the bodyfat. I followed this programme myself and in 4weeks I was able to lose my gained bodyfat and really sculpt my physique to that of an athlete.

Results will vary from individual to individual but what I will guarantee is change!!!! In not just how you look but in how you feel about yourself and with this new found confidence you’ll be ready to strut your stuff in the sun.

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