The UK is bursting with exciting cycling events for beginner, amateur and elite riders. For this reason, you might be training to compete in one of the best bike events in the country, such as Chase the Sun, Ride Across Britain or the London to Paris Cycle, to name a few.

As essential as it is to improve your fitness, endurance and cycling skills, you mustn’t overlook the importance of maintaining your bike before a ride. Check out the following cycling maintenance tips before your next big event.

Inspect Your Bike

The last thing you’ll want is for your bike to let you down during a cycling event, especially if you’re competing in one of the many charity bike rides for Macmillan. As people will have made donations to encourage you to reach the finish line, you won’t want a maintenance mistake to stop you from completing the event.

Thoroughly inspect your bike before a cycling event to ensure it is in great working order, as it will allow you to meet or exceed your goals during the ride. Review each component to identify wear and tear, cracks in the forks and fittings, a snapped chain or damaged brake pads.

Check Your Tyres

Review your bike’s tyres to ensure they won’t let you down. For example, do they turn in a straight line or wobble from side to side? If it’s the latter, you might have a broken spoke and will need to take a trip to a bike shop.

Look for signs of damage or cuts on the tyres to confirm if they’re in good condition or need replacing. If they have visible damage or appear worn in places, replace them before a cycling event. It will allow you to ride with confidence from start to finish.

Clean Your Bike

A clean bike is a faster bike. You might think some dirt won’t impact your performance, but any extra weight will slow you down. Improve your bicycle’s aerodynamics by removing mud and debris to ensure it is fast and lightweight during a cycling event. If you’re pressed for time, a five-minute wash might be enough to wash away dirt and boost your speed.

Tighten Your Bolts

Most seasoned riders will tell you that it’s wise to tighten various bicycle bolts before a cycling event, as some might become loose over time.

For instance, you must check and tighten the:

  • Brake bolt
  • Brake cables
  • Saddle clamp
  • Seat binder
  • Chainring
  • Crank arm
  • Bottle cage mounts
  • Brake pad bolt
  • Face plate
  • Top cap

If you fail to tighten bolts with a hex or torx wrench, they might vibrate as you cycle towards the finish line, which may impact your focus and irritate you during a ride. Also, the worst could happen as they might fall off as you ride, causing you to crash, lose your seat or stop altogether.

Don’t allow poor maintenance to hold you back during a cycling event. Give your bike some TLC before a ride to ensure it is in great condition come race day.

Images via Unsplash