About to blow up the single charts, hip hop rapper Da 7even is here with his not-to-be-missed debut release ‘How I See.’

Recorded at a bomb shelter using only an iPhone and a single pair of headphones, we’re astounded at the level of initial talent from this already rising newcomer! Inspired by his own artistic aspirations, Da 7even fuels this beat dropping track with personal motivations to strive for success and never stop until you get there;

Crown me till I spread, lungs pumping air, lemme be rare…different breed, I’m my father seed.

After the passing of his grandfather when he was 7 years old, Da 7even quickly turned to writing and poetry to record his thoughts, and eventually music. ‘How I See’ will be the rapper’s first-ever public release, inspired by a direct reflection that “the concept of perception is reality.”

Definitely hit this one up!