In Step up 4: Miami Heat the mob creates a dance that goes viral. Celebrities are tweeting about it and news reporters are going crazy for it. The video quickly reaches millions of views and keeps rising.

So how does a Youtube video become such a sensation? We thought we’d look back at some of Youtube’s biggest and best dance videos to see what makes a dance video such a hit.

1. Evolution of dance- Moving seamlessly between eras, from the robot to the chicken dance Jud Laipply has been viewed more than 205 million times for a reason, the video triggers nostalgia in the happiest of ways.

2. Instant robot dance- Much like Susan Boyle’s first audition on the Britain’s Got Talent, you don’t see this one coming. What looks like a high school talent show with some pretty capable dances, turns out to be a jaw drooping, ‘how does he does that?’ performance.

3. Flawless dance act – When Simon Cowell gets out of his throne to give a standing ovation you know you’ve done something right. With similar dance moves and style to Step Up, this dance crew blows away the crowd and the judges.

4. JK wedding entrance- Unlike the majority of these videos, the men and women involved aren’t great dancers, they’re just happy to be celebrating a wedding. What makes the video such a hit, is the genuine and infectious joy evident throughout.

5. Train station dance – Most popular flash mob videos are just highly choreographed commercials, but that doesn’t make them any less entertaining. This clip used a remix of “Do-Re-Mi” from The Sound of Music to win the crowd.

6. T-Mobile dance- Again, even though it’s a cannily manufactured ad designed to go viral, this group dance video sponsored by T-Mobile is undeniably entertaining and just plain fun. Great moves, fantastic crowd reactions and a real feel good factor.

7. Nicki Minaj- You can’t help but smile when watching this video. Sophia Grace and her slightly less imposing side kick, Rosie, meet their hero Nicki Minaj or the Ellen show. Sophia’s rendition of Super Bass, accompanied with dance moves, is pretty impressive.

8. Soulja Boy- Who can honestly say they didn’t attempt this one on the dance floor? Jumping in the wrong direction and looking incredible middle class, most of us failed miserable, still great fun all the same.

9. Gangnam style- Gangnam Style really caught wind and didn’t stop (622 million and counting!), likely to be a one hit wonder, like Soulja Boy, but who cares. The dance is great fun and even Eton boys managed to master it, creating their own spoof of the video.

10. Fred the Raver- At around 50 seconds the song drops and Fred pulls out his best screw face. There’s something about children dancing or singing that seems to encapsulate us.

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