We find out how to date Alexandra Daddario-coming off the success of HBO’s True Detective with two hot turns with Zooey Deschanel on New Girl, and then landing the lead role against Dwayne Johnson in the 2015 disaster film San Andreas.

Alexandra Daddario got hot and steamy for her recent sporty photo shoot with GQ magazine and we have compiled a few gif’s from the video for your viewing pleasure. On the shoot she tells us how to date her, so we decided to transcribe the video into words so that we can all learn the key to how to date her,


Whats the best place to pick up someone?

It seems to be Tinder weirdly enough, because I know so many people including my sister who are in long term relationships from Tinder, I don’t know if its the best place for everybody, but it seems to be great.

Whats the best pick up line you’ve ever heard? 

Maybe this is a common one, but someone once said to me “How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice. Nice to meet you”. I thought it was great because he said it with enough irony and cheesiness, it was sort of charming.


Tell about your first ever date.

My first date was incredibly awkward, I was like 13 and went to an all girls school, so it was my first time really being around a boy for an extended period of time, who wasn’t my brother. I put on way too much makeup because I was too excited and I think I looked ridiculous and he later told one of my friends that I had put on too much makeup and it was just really awkward.


What’s your exit strategy on a bad date?

I’ve never really had a bad date that I need to have an exit strategy, But these days everyone has cell phones, so I would just say I have a friend or family member that really needs me and its an emergency, Im so sorry but I have to go.


What would be your ideal first date?

My ideal first date would be, something casual I guess, like a hike or if someone is willing to do yoga with me, that’s awesome.I love taking people to do yoga with me.

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