The Big Easy in Canary Wharf the type of place where you can impress someone on a date night without breaking the bank.

It’s low-key and relaxed, quiet enough to have a romantic conversation over dinner, yet loud enough to keep your conversation between you and your guest and not the whole restaurant.

Not pretentious in its approach, the Big Easy feels sleek yet not posh, amazing value for money yet not cheap and overall a fantastic dining experience for anyone who isn’t expecting a Michelin style restaurant.

big easy

So relaxed is the Big Easy, that as you sit down and order your drinks and meals, your shoulders will relax and you start feeling the friendly vibe. You may find that you end up heading over to the Big Easy one-too-many times… You know that feeling when the staff knows your name? That can easily happen to you at the Big Easy.

Which can cause problems on date night when your date asks ‘how often do you come here?’ And you say ‘Oh not much’ and they say ‘so how does everyone know your name, do you bring all your dates here?’ Then your shoulders become tense all over again, literally moments after you’ve relaxed them in the Big Easy.

Fun and jokes aside and swiftly moving on, if you love lobsters then the Big Easy is like lobster heaven (literally), and you MUST TRY THE LOBSTER FEST.

The Lobster Fest is a whole lobster served on the beautiful platter, garnished with a lovely side salad, butter and chips, in an Instagram looking presentation that simply forces you to pull out your phone and start taking photos. Lobster heaven… Plus, it also comes with a slushie cocktail too… #Bargain!

The bar area is stacked to the ceiling with alcohol. Bottle upon bottle of drinks that make you feel slightly tipsy at the sight of the extensive selection. If you love drinks then arrive a few minutes before your reservation and start your night at the bar.

big easy bar

For the meat lovers reading this, The Big Easy BBQ has got you covered. The BBQ blowout served on a trashed can is stupendous. I dare, I implore you to try it. It might be a bit much on date night so you may want to try this one with a few friends. Pit-Smoked Bar.B.Q Chicken, Dry-Rubbed St Louis Pork Ribs, Carolina Pulled Pork With House Made Cornbread and Fries WOWZER. It feels like the BBQ Pit Boys have come to Canary Wharf and designed this dish for us. It’s sooooo goooood.

Note: It can get a bit busy at the Big Easy Canary Wharf (good busy, not bad busy) and it all adds to the ambience of your evening, meaning you can use as many or as little cheesy chat-up lines as you like without fear of the whole restaurant hearing or laughing at you. Ha.

With drinks flowing, laughter, good conversation and lovely food, your date will surely have a good evening at the Big Easy with you. Why not take it one step further and visit the Everyman cinema in Canary Wharf too, it’s literally a few doors away and you can do like the old days and steal a cheeky kiss during the film. So nostalgic…

If it’s a lunch date, you cannot go wrong with the scrumptious Afternoon Tea… So Yummy.

big easy afternoon tea

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You can either go one step further and reserve the Captains Table…

A room like no other at Canary Wharf, evoking a time of the East and West India Trading companies in the early 17th century and rum running in the Caribbean. This fun and opulent 26 seat private dining room has been lovingly handcrafted to echo the panelled dining rooms of the tall ships and officer’s cabins of the East and West India Trading Companies at the turn of the 17th century. There is unashamedly more than a touch of Captain Jack Sparrow!

Featuring an 8-metre long solid oak dining table and 17th-century style hand carved oak chairs. This unique room also features vintage chandeliers, oak panelling and impressive display cabinets of vintage rums and spirits. Offering a private dining terrace with sweeping views over the wharf complete with loungers, it is truly a unique venue to host your private event.

To find out more about private dining at Big Easy Canary Wharf please contact who will
be delighted to arrange a tour.