Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson has nearly 4 and half MILLION followers on instagram, and 3.1 MILLION followers on twitter.


You might remember her from Spring Breakers with Selena Gomez (far right) or maybe Bring It on? The blonde stunner who reportedly wore just a bikini top to win her role in Spring Breakers, has given GQ mag her tips on how to date her in behind the scenes photo shoot video. We have transcribed this video for you so once again, get your note pads on the ready.

Describe your ideal date
AB: In my make believe life he would pick me up and fly me somewhere like Paris to have dinner and then come back, but that will never happen but it would be the perfect date.

How do you feel about guys using their phones a lot while on a date?
AB: If I see them with their phones a lot, that’s kinda weird.
On a bad date, whats your exit strategy?
AB: I would get someone to give me a call and say I have to run home for an emergency, its so bad lol, but I have done that before.

Words transcribed from the GQ Magazine behind the scenes video with Ashley Benson