Having already pipped Vita Chambers as our One to Watch we managed to squeeze a few moments from her time, to answer the questions that we all want to hear.

Having already toured with Justin Bieber and performed alongside UK’s very own Estelle and also having her song “Fix You” chart on the Billboard 100 Vita Chambers looks like she is here to stay.

Get your notepads on the ready boys and girls, here are Vita’s tips on how to date her.

Who is the last person on earth, you would go on a date with?
Someone who is egotistic, narrow-minded, racist and selfish. These are what I dislike in anyone.

What things shouldn’t you talk about on a first date?
My ex – relationships, my work and my bad habits. I want to find out all those details about him first.

Best place to go on a first date
First dates are my favorite. I think that’s your time to shine. Somewhere unexpected and different. However I really love French food.

What was your biggest misconception with men while you where growing up?
That they were all wonderful like my dad. Boy , was I wrong.

What’s the best and worst chat up line someone has used on you?
Best: I have not yet had a really great chat up line yet. They have all been so cliché and cheesy so far. Can’t wait for that special one though!
Worst: “I have contacts in high places, I can put in a good word for you” Uggh, I really hate that one.

How do you feel about guys using their phones a lot while on a date?
Obviously they are preoccupied with something else. So I would do the same and preoccupy myself with finding a new date.

On a bad date, whats your exit strategy?
It all depends on how much I disliked the guy. If he’s a real jerk I would text a friend and have them call me and pretend they had an emergency. If he was a nice but boring guy, I would be honest and tell him it’s not working out but in a way that would not hurt his feelings.