blue women's shoes

You wake up on a Friday morning, and apart from the need for a long shower and hot coffee, there is one thing you need to decide: which shoes should you wear today?

Always one to help out in times of need, we’ve got the working woman covered with our useful little Friday shoe guide. Because you’re unlikely to only wear one pair of shoes the entire day, we’ve broken up the guide into work, sport, party, and rest.


Whether you’re an office worker, a shop assistant, or airline hostess, you’re likely going to need a shoe that has a certain level of sophistication, yet also comfort and practicality. That’s why we suggest these options in the Högl range. With a choice of 3-inch heels, ballet pumps, or loafers, Högl’s genuine leather, padded insoles, and tough rubber soles make them a perfect fit for the working woman.


Time to blow off some steam. Providing you’ve got the energy of course, the chance to sweat it out after a long working day can be exactly the sort of cathartic release your body and mind requires. Regardless whether it’s a trip to the gym, jog around the block, or a tennis match with a colleague, it’s really our feet that need to be taken into consideration first and foremost. When it comes to sports trainers, it’s simply impossible to go past Nike. Lightweight, durable, breathable, and chic – Nike simply makes shoes designed to go, go, go.


Okay, hit the shower and freshen up – it’s party time. Once you’ve picked an outfit that will turn heads, then you’ll need shoes to match. Jessica Wright and Myleene Klass both create stunning pairs of heels in an array of styles, but we really love these Little Mistress black pointed court heels. The shape is so elegant and refined, and are undoubtedly perfect to party the night away.


Your feet have been through all sorts of trials and tribulations today, so what’s the final thing they could want? To feel nice and cosy in a pair of slippers, as you’re finally home and want to slip your feet into something soft and warm before you hit the bed. You’re sure to find a pair of moccasins that suit you’re your tastes, so browse around and find something appealing for you. Roll on Saturday!