I cried tears of fire
into my concrete pillow.
Stripped down to my bare essence,
and a tear drop away form DeNile.

The elements were against me
as anger erupted from my earth’s core
and caused a whirlwind of emotions
to strike me down,
even the bloom of spring wouldn’t change my frown.
So, as even profound as it can be
I kept pushing
coz I refused to let depression get the best of me,
dealing with demons versus prophesies
because now, my religion had advanced to spirituality.
Leaves fell from my family tree
given back to the earth,
buried me so much
I allowed my seeds of creativity
to be soiled by my smile
watered by my front
patted down with my ignorance.
Poems miscarried,
growth stunted behind my fears.
Senses being ignored from my eyes, heart and ears.

My rose I watered with protection
withered and eroded-
pricked me with my own thorns of trust
and caused me to bleed.
Screams silenced,
my plea for healing, unseen.

Reduced to a seed
waters of realization poured dawned on me-
almost drowned me
yet blossomed me.
Coloured my petals
nurtured my leaves.
I see sunlight of a woman
as a girl, were unseen.
Now I stand before thee
as the finished masterpiece of a mustard seed
for becoming the woman is not the attainment of age
but the acceptance of responsibility.

Copyright © Simone Byer, 2009

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