DJ Sam Divine is one of dance music’s most influential ladies with epic energy behind the DJ box when it comes to playing her house music sets. With monthly residencies in Naples, Poland and summer-long stints in Ibiza keep her, and dance floors across the UK and Europe, firmly on their toes.

She’s also helping to keep people motivated in the gym with an album Bodymusic Presents Gymbox Volume 3 mixed and edited by her that’s played at Gymbox.

Gymbox, the leading and innovative fitness experts who pride themselves in championing the partnership between music and motivation and embed it into the very core of their practice via live DJ sets into their gyms, have set out to show the world that it isn’t simply music that motivates, but more accurately it is Dance music that has the capacity to motivate, thus having the potential to increase output, performance and times during a cardio workout.

What differentiates the Gymbox downloads from other market leaders in the iTunes fitness chart is that not only have they been compiled by the number 1 global house music brand Defected, (who are unquestionably the global authority within the house music genre after releasing tunes that have defined the scene for over a decade), but they have also been carefully edited and remixed by one of Defected’s top DJ’s, Sam Divine, with guidance and expertise from the fitness experts at Gymbox. The result of this collaborative approach is a carefully selected and tailored mix of tracks ideal for a motivational workout.

Bodymusic Presents Gymbox Volume 3, is available for £4.99, from iTunes. With two hours of motivational mixes by Sam Divine (one cardio mix, one conditioning), it’s great value for money and guaranteed to get results.

Listen to the free sampler here:

Here sam gives a few tips on exercise:

‘For your warm-up, choose two or three tracks with a BPM of 122 to 125,’ says Sam. ‘Anything with lyrics that set an intention is great.’

Then onto your main workout – plan 45 minutes of music. ‘For cardio, you want about 134 to 136 BPM,’ she says. ‘In a nightclub this would seem too fast, but in the gym it’s perfect. Put the faster tracks with the most uplifting lyrics, build-ups and breakdowns about halfway through, so they kick in and pick you up when you’re flagging.’

If you’re resistance training, you can keep the BPM a bit lower. ‘Around 126 to 128 works,’ says Sam.

We got Sam to head down to iCandy Studios for a photo shoot and to do a bit of yoga and fitness. Check out these pics and video.

To find out more about the All In One Yoga app or purchase it from iTunes:

Purchase All in One Fitness here:

Photography by VMPhoto
Make-up by JuxaPose
Styling by Charley Purpz

Sam Divine will be playing alongside other DJs at Ministry of Sound on Saturday 9th February 2013
Ministry of Sound, 103 Gaunt Street, London, SE1 6DP
10pm – 7am
Box: Nick Curly / Tensnake / Simon Dunmore / Syron Live PA
103: Franky Rizardo / Tuccillo / Sam Divine

For more info visit Defected’s website.

Clothing credits

Featured image look 1:
American Apparel shiny nylon tricot leggings with American Apparel knitwear and Geox ankle boots. Plus the Pioneer DJ kit.

Look 2:
Black Batwing crop top with Nike shorts and chockers white wedges.

Look 3: hoody with Nike shorts and Nike blazers.