Deli Bricks featuring Yungen drops I Know his rather tasty street bullet.

Deli has been pushing his name into the urban scene after dropping well supported mix-tapes like Rebirth. Collaborations with known names like Fem Fel and Blade Brown punctuate his relatively short time within the scene. Despite that Deli’s latest mix-tape Finnesin seems to proudly state that he’s an artists who is confident in his abilities taking us on a journey (with infinite swagger) through his life and the tribulations that have affected it.

Flavour caught up with the young guy for 6 questions in between his busy schedule to talk about…..well HIM!



A quick background on your musical journey.

I have been rapping for years just as a hobby but have only started paying more attention to both the enjoyment and professional side of music since early late 2014 when I realised I could be successful if I put work into it. In the past I have collaborated with Blade Brown, Fem Fel, Young Tef, Mercston as well as many other UK artists.

Deli Bricks? You have to explain that name and how it came about?

That’s a funny one- I have always been called Deli B as it is an abbreviation of my actual name and one day at a studio session, a friend was messing around and thought it would be funny to call me Deli Bricks. It has stuck ever since.

You are fairly young in the music scene-who is or are the UK names from the scene that have inspired you?

Blade Brown has been a favourite of mine for years and I have a huge amount of respect for Krept n Konan as they are opening doors and breaking some of the boundaries that still hinder UK artist whilst staying true to themselves and their art.

Finnesin’ explain that name and what can we expect

The definition of FINESSIN is to do something of great quality and this is what I hope listeners agree is produced with this body of work.

The single with Blade Brown, Deadlines gives me some details on it from idea to track?

It was more with the intention to get a simple message across- don’t get too comfortable being comfortable and to always aim higher

What’s in the pipeline for you?

I hope to be performing a lot more, working with new people and continue to make and release good music that others enjoy. A long as I continue to do this, I will be fulfilled