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The slogan ‘New Year New You’ seems exciting but if you’re planning a detox this January then it often means putting eating out on the back burner since the variety of restaurants offering top quality and high-end healthy meals is rather slim (no pun intended).

M RAW in Victoria Street is coming to the rescue this month by being the first high-quality gluten-free restaurant to offer diners a sensory stimulus on a plate. Their ‘Love Yourself Detox’ menu offers five courses paired with five drinks from 14 January until Valentine’s Day, for only £29pp.
The menu is so delicious and eye-catching, it will be hard to believe that the experience is entirely gluten-free and good for your body.


BONE BROTH paired with Kombucha
(Serving notes: smell)

SALMON TARTARE paired with Green Tea
Avocado | Beetroot | Dill
(Serving notes: Eat with your hands to heighten your sense and change your experience.
Warm towel to be served with the dish and scented with Lemongrass)

OPEN BLUE COBIA paired with Watercress infused Seedlip mocktail
Artichoke | Turmeric & Ginger Cauliflower | Wheatgrass
(Serving notes: Vision Cobia Googles)

LEMON & BASIL sorbet – paired with Ginger, Cucumber & Apple Juice
Palate Cleanser

COCONUT ICE CREAM paired with a Pineapple Tea
Cucumber | Dill | Olive Oil

Executive Chef Michael Reid says,

“We had the idea to create an edible and drinkable spa. We think you can get the benefits of a day at the spa without the tedium of actually going to one! Our ‘Love yourself Detox Menu’- is just as exciting, 100% gluten-free and satisfying as our traditional M RAW menu but it helps us all keep the promises we made at New Year and which by now we have completely ignored or even forgotten.”

M Victoria Street is located at 74 Victoria Street. Visit for more information.