In the face of the current wave of dance/electronica that veers towards that hard edge sound which seeks to ignite passions comes the rather chilled debut from the US collective Demented Sound Mafia.

Delving into the engaging sub-genres of glitch, chill-step and trap this group of surfers, snowboarders, climbers and extreme sports freaks have taken the slightly counter-intuitive move into hypnotic down-tempo smatterings.

With a CV of big trailer placements for films like: Chronicles Of Riddick 3 and The Iceman (starring Ray Liotta and Winoa Ryder) their current album Slowing Down The Motion (already number 1 on the EDM Network Glitch-Hop chart) promises more of that liquid magic.

Pushing the melodious album is the debut single, This Is How I Feel which positively pulses with a clean ambient production blessed by smooth deep bass and powerful synths.

 Soundcloud link to the full album