Influenced by the likes of Lil Pump, Carrington Cash and Ski Mask, Demotus is a young and artistically articulate rapper based in the infamous Tampa, Florida.

His new EP ‘FUCK YOU’ is a gritty combination of well produced, infectious beats merged with rhythmic lyrics that keep the listener involved. Having recently been released from 2 stints in prison he is aiming to be one of the industries hardest hitters.

After joining Hip-Hop music label ‘DSX Creative’, Demotus turned his passion for music into a serious budding career. Now running ‘Rad Kids’ in collaboration with his brother ‘Big Bink’, the once SoundCloud start-out is growing ever more influential and notable, fetching 3.3 million streams on his last album ‘Fuck The World’ on Spotify and using ‘FUCK YOU’ to uncompromisingly stamp a footprint onto the music industry as part of his next big step.

Despite being only 19-years old, Demotus already has 200k YouTube views on his hit music video ‘Please Help Me’, 2 albums, 1 EP release, and features on a forthcoming single by Playboi Carti. His latest release ‘FUCK YOU’ is a true show of Demotus’ talent in managing not only quality, but a 4-track story of the poetic injustice of life; whilst simultaneously challenging the topics of success, hardship, love and dis-trust.

‘FUCK YOU’ is a showcase of Demotus’ lyrical ingenuity, and the versed actualisation of his varied abilities and readiness to challenge the issues and struggles much of the world faces today and is available via all major digital platforms to stream and download now.