dirty_danger_for_blogAs an old- school follower of the team that Dirty danger emerged from entitled ‘Ruff Squad’ I was more than excited to hear his new CD. ‘ I aint rich yet’ began with an old skit displaying Dirty Danger’s primary lyrics and ancient flows- it already set the mood and enabled me to get comfortable as the tracks began pumping through my speakers.

The first few tracks however were quite superficial-generating around the typical clothing, sleeping with girls and one’s alter ego- discussing one’s swagger and image. Songs such as ‘Hard Body’, ‘Send me your number’ and ‘Bad man ting’ are definitely club bangers but I was searching for more- as this sort of rapping can become a drag. This is especially when you are digging to find the artist’s improvement and deep embedded content in 14 tracks.

Dirty Danger began ticking the correct boxes however as time progressed and songs such as “Set me up” and “Get away” were forced into my ear drums.

“Set me up” held an original concept showing the anxiety of one’s mind growing up in a poverty- struck environment, urban culture around those who can’t be trusted. Cynically executed well- it was laced with a tight flow, strategically sharp lyrics and a dark melodic instrumental.

“Get away” was an extremely artistic song and the singer on the chorus helped add to its beauty. “ I relate to the struggle”-he states within the first verse. It is evident throughout the other verses when he discusses how he was he needs to leave the urban culture and take music as far as he can. His pain is evident when talking about the industry and what he feels he deserves. As a person who has followed Dirty for a long time and growing up listening to the likes of Tinchy Stryder, Slix and Rapid I could honestly hear where he was coming from.

There is a good balance on the CD, though it takes time to warm up into the heart of Dirty, however each beat is at a remarkably high level and I didn’t expect any less. It is a great listen and I can’t wait to hear what he releases next and where his music career goes from here. Fingers crossed that ‘ one tune’ will be the start of his worldwide recognition and appreciation.

Review by Yvonne Eba