Mysterious production unit ‘Dirty Sneekers UK’ have shot on to internet sites and blogs with ‘The Sound’ causing a mass of speculation over who is behind the track. Within the first week of the video going live online, the video had amassed views of over 70,000 views and whilst the video gives a humorous day in the life account of a pair of (not so) Dirty Sneekers, there are no faces to be seen, begging the question “Who are the Dirty Sneekers UK?”

It turns out that the people behind the monster track have in fact, got quite a back catalogue to their name having worked with world famous acts such as The Gorillaz, Gwen Stefani and No Doubt, and even penned the number 1 club hit‘Guilty’ by De Souza.

So why all of the mystery? Well it would seem the Dirty Sneekers UK are far from shy given the edgy, bass filled, EDM, Grime infused, Dubstep offering that they have released to the world and that the true reason for the mystery is that they are solely in this for the music and want to let The Sound’