Sometimes an act may seem as if they have just suddenly come onto the scene particularly when they have a banger. Disciples are just such an act; their debut They Don’t Know has been played all over club land reaching over a quarter of a million hits on You Tube alone.

Of course their story in the music world does not begin with this poplar dance anthem. Way before this, Disciples had to put in the ground work and indeed their current success is a product of that groundwork.

You have been labelled, ‘one of the UK’s most exciting acts in dance’ –why do you think the music industry is paying attention to three music lovers now?

Gavin:  It’s crazy! but I guess it’s because we are not conforming to what everyone else is doing.  Being true to ourselves however underground or commercial is very important to us and with 3 very different brains in the group that covers a broad range of sound.

Having been in a studio atmosphere myself I know that the track very often does not detail the trials and tribulations of the creative process, so break it down for me from a spark of an idea to the banger of ‘They Don’t Know’.

Gavin: Yeah it can sometimes be like banging your head against a wall but They Don’t Know was one of the most organic creative processes we have had.  It actually started as another song we were trying to finish, Duvall then came up with a new bassline and we ended up writing a brand new song together. Luke jumped on the mic, we recorded it and produced it up in a day.   I think that is what is great about what we have, we just let the vibes flow and don’t think too much about it.

Cliché question but did you actually know this was going to be a bit of a banger?

Gavin: We knew we liked it but to be honest, we didn’t even know!

While your track seems to have come out of the blue your musical journey must be far longer so in brief what are your individual stories?

Duvall: Individually it’s been a long journey for all of us. I met Gavin in college on a music tech course and we’ve been working together on and off for many years. I’ve been producing and writing for other artists in a few different genres for a while now and Luke’s background is as an artist/writer. All three of us worked on each others’ projects for a few years before we decided to join forces. We all have an on-going love affair with house music and this common ground brought us together. Individually, we couldn’t be more different, so we all bring something to the table.

Like all artists I presume there is a stage where there is uncertainty if you will actually break through. When did you realise that you had indeed broken through?

Duvall: I think we’ll never be certain of if we’ve “broken through”. I think that’s what keeps us motivated to create and be better than our last track. That constant fear of underachieving is very helpful!

You have remixed for some big artists-what track was the nearest to perfection for you and why?

Duvall: Our Favourite remix is probably the John Newman Losing Sleep Remix because of the way we collaborated on it together, and the response it got from the public and John himself. Having Chris Martin’s vocals from Coldplay in my computer however is definitely something I always shout about when talking about remixes.

Off the top of your heads your greatest four track mix guaranteed to get a place rocking?

Luke: Reminiscing on our set at BPM at the Black Butter party I can remember these tunes going down a treat;

My Beat by Veerus & Maxie Devine  (Original mix)


Haidaku by Dj Fronter (Original mix)


All That by Subkode & Chris Contrast (Original mix)


Do That Two by the Martinez Brothers 

You have been touring extensively-greatest place you have played at and why?

Luke: Opening the spectrum room in Sankys Ibiza last year was a highlight and put us on people’s radar. We were shocked when the promoter asked us to play for another 3 hours just as we were about to finish our two hour set a pleasure to say the least.

So what is next for you and where will you be touring?

Luke: From touring we are getting a feel of what people want to hear from us next, so bringing that energy into the studio to create more music is what we are focusing on at the moment. Tour wise you’ll be able to see us at Snowbombing Festival, WMC in Miami and Barrakud in Croatia.



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