Oh we just love a good street wear brand don’t we? Disizsick (or This Is Sick) has taken inspiration from hip hop music, graffiti art and skateboarding to create one amazing brand. The youth of today are always trying to out-do each other with who can be the most ‘individual’ but it’s kinda hard when all urban clothing is pretty much the same. Disizsick has definitely broken the mold with its collection that includes self-titled prints and unique logos that would have any street wear fan foaming at the mouth.

Get this, all designs including Chicago Mouse and Los Angeles Pharaoh are actually only available for a limited time which is pretty cool as you can essentially own a unique item that’ll drive your friends crazy with jealousy. All clothing is unisex and offers everything from tanks and tee’s to flat peaks and skateboard decks. No posing, Disizsick is the real deal so check out there online store now.

Mister Trill T-Shirt £27.00


Disizsick Manchild T-Shirt £22.00


Chicago Mouse Tank £26.00


Los Angeles T-Shirt £22.00


Los Angeles Pharaoh Snapback £27.00