One of our favourite up and coming boy band District 3 have announced they are splitting up. They send this message to fans on twitter:

It’s impossible to express our appreciation to you in one message, but 3EEKS, all around the world, you have been more than everything we could ever have asked for. The support you have given us has been overwhelming, which only makes it’s harder to tell you that we have decided to bring our time as ‘District 3’ to an end.

It has not been easy to make this decision, especially so soon after the amazing results you guys gave us with our debut District 3 EP release – giving us top 5’s all over the world & the amazing turn-out at our first Headline UK ‘3eek Out tour’. But the truth is, this has given us the strength to grow and to follow through on what we have now decided will be our individual but different paths.
Together, us boys and you 3EEKS have made so many amazing memories, that I’m sure they will stay with us all forever!

Lots of exciting things are happening for us and believe us when we say, you 3EEKS will be the first to know….

Once again, a huge thank you to each and every one of you. We love you from the deepest part of our hearts. You have made all this possible and hope we can make you proud of us all again.

Love Greg, Micky & Dan. xxx

Flavourmag have always supported District 3 and they will be sadly missed.