DJ Cameo brings together a group of the most exciting emcees as part of a brand new movement #FGM. Whilst each of the emcees are currently discovering their own individual success, the tastemaker DJ from BBC 1Xtra unites the scene to introduce a fresh new sound with new single #WIN.

Having gained over 100,000 views on the raunchy video in it’s first two weeks since launching online, the collective have burst on to the radio waves and caused controversy by presenting themselves on a somewhat unexpected track that is set to see Grime rival some of the biggest chart entries.

Sitting on a production filled with EDM and House influences it doesn’t take long before each emcee steps up to the mic to present themselves. Highlighting their own versatility and mainstream appeal, each artist begins their verse with a somewhat accessible tone before switching in to their signature flows, ad-libs and gritty lyrics that they’re known for in underground circles.

Whilst flying the flag with UK Grime being the motherland, the collective come together to show that, despite the misconception that the Grime scene is a volatile and unforgiving place, the sound is accessible and exciting by easing the listener gently in to the track before hitting them with that WINning sound!