DJ Kuun

Hailing from Mexico, DJ KUUN brings us his latest single GLOW which is now released to all major digital platforms.

Glow channels the power of light. It speaks about individual lights and how we all have control over whether they shine or fade out, a concept that everyone can relate to.

“A child is hungry to shine with his own light but staying at home will not achieve it. It is time to leave home to know what it is to die of hunger, to know what it is to fail and fall, only so that when one finally shines The Light it is merit of oneself.”

The crafted melodies throughout “Glow” reach straight to the heart yet progress to an explosion of classic EDM.

DJ Kuun draws inspiration from a range of musical talent yet his passion is rooted in the electronic beats Alesso and Martin Garrix.

Following this release, DJ Kuun will drop his first full album titled “road to MainStage” across the course of the year.

Listen to DJ Kuun’s Glow now.