Roc Hard & Roc On!!
If you aint got Swagger in this music game you ain’t got ish anymore, and one of the most important things about swag is being able to update and upgrade. The reason why Sean John, Apple Bottom and BabyPhat are able to stay successful. Maybe it’s time to up yo Swag, I’m upping mine. Another main stayer in the game, Jay Z’s Roc-A-Wear clothing gets ready to release their brand new TV ad campaign. Check out the advert and behind the scenes footage.

Transformers 2 – The Trailer
I know that after part 1, everyone wanted to be a kid again and buy there very own Transformer toy, or just dreamt of having a Transformer as a pet lol. The most anticipated movie of the year is not far away from our Cinema screens and it looking like it will even better than the first installment. This one is set to be full of excellent action, special fx and fight scenes with fresh new characters. Check out the clip below – I’m already hailing it the Blockbuster of the year. P.s. – Look out for the Panther Transformer WOW!!!


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