Melody KaneBirmingham based creative arts company PUNCH have announced the launch of their new local radio station, BASS FM. BASS FM will be run by, and for, young people but will have a few established DJs and music artists with slots on air as well. Here three of those talents DJ Melody Kane, Deci 4 and rapper Malik MD7 tell us what to expect from their radio show on the station.

What do you think about the idea of BASS FM?
DJ Melody Kane:
It is a very young, exciting and innovative idea that will bring something fresh and creative to the local marketplace.
Malik MD7: Great idea for people in the music scene to showcase the talent that they witness first-hand.
Deci4: It’s a brilliant idea as there is no legal station in the west midlands representing black music.

What are you going to add to the station?
Bring my perspective as an artist/producer who for the past decade has been working with urban artists in the west midlands. I’ll bring my experience of going out &enjoying local music events. I have an ear of what the Birmingham crowd likes to listen to.
malik md7Malik MD7: High energy music & exclusive tracks combined with unpredictability!
DJ Melody Kane: Lots of energy, new music and a different vibe not seen before. There will be crazy mixing of tunes with up to date urban gossip.

Give us a feel of your show, what will you be playing?
Deci4: I’ll be playing local popular tunes from successful Birmingham artists popular mixedwith less popular tunes. I’ll be playing a fresh urban sound called EDM trap music which is a very big growing genre that I’ll introduce & weave it in with popular music.
Malik MD7: The best of UK hip-hop with a touch of US hits and lots of artist interviews.
DJ Meldoy Kane: I don’t limit myself to a specific genre, if it sounds good and it makes you feel good, I will play it! Anything from hip-hop to old skool garage to Dub!

What do you love & hate about Birmingham?
DJ Meldoy Kane: I love the shopping, the vibrancy of the city and the friendly people! I hate that I don’t get to spend enough time here.
Malik MD7: I love the creative struggle of local artists & the groundwork that makes the local sound & genres what it is. I hate the attitude of a small section of the community which is un-progressive.
Deci 4: I love that it’s a multicultural &vibrant city with a fresh taste in music. I hate that there are some very small-minded people who don’t think outside the box & the area they live in.This could be due to a lack of opportunities; however, there are local artists like Preditah who have expanded outside the city.

decypherTell us something about you that no-one else knows.
Malik MD7: I have a very big soft heart!
DJ Melody Kane: I am addicted to the old Channel 5 drama Sunset Beach, I still watch reruns know!
Deci 4: I am a very shy individual and my confidence is born out of being so shy.