Having dj’d for Beyonce, Jay Z and P Diddy (to name a few) DJ Smoove has to be one of the biggest dj’s from Zimbabwe right now. Known for his eclectic style of mixing and his party up style, Smoove can be rightly called a transatlantic dj.

I caught up with him in Zimbabwe and witnessed a set where he proceeded to drop banger after banger while taking a foray on the mic to amp up the crowd! When in Zim he regularly drops his show on the new but hugely influential radio station Star FM-as zif his transatlantic exploits were not enough.

In between his busy schedule I interviewed him for a short minute to discuss his musical journey and more seriously where Zimbabwe is right now musically.


How did you get into music and was that always going to be your chosen career?

I got into music because of my parents and yes that was always going to be my chosen career.

You have a mixed cultural background having parents from the Caribbean and Africa-what influence did their backgrounds have on your musical tastes?

I feel blessed to be hones: my cultural background has had a huge impact on my music taste.

How difficult has it been to get to the lofty heights that you are at as a dj now?

It’s been a long, long road for me, it was not easy at all but perseverance does work!

What were those challenges and did you ever feel like giving it up?

For me because I chose this as a career but at times it just would not pay and giving up did cross my mind at one point but I perservered.

What challenges do you face now as a transatlantic dj jetting off everywhere?

Some of the challenges are not being in a certain places long enough to build foundations. On the good side the challenges also make me raise my game each and every-time.

You have dj’d for Beyonce what was that like and did you chill with her?

I was so honoured to have dj’d for her. We did chill for a little while yes and she was very cool and calm.

Whose been the best person that you dj’d for and why?

I’ve had some good shows for celebs but one or two of the highlights would have to be P.Diddy and Jay Z.

Best place that you ever played out at?

Too many to mention but few of the best would have to be in Frankfurt, Germany, NewYork, USA, Zimbabwe.

Where is Zim from a musical perspective in comparison to South Africa because much of the media output in Zim seems to come from SA?

Funny but just ten years ago Zim was a leader in music, now as you are asking they are a bit behind compared to South Africa. Zim needs an uplift of its entertainment scene, people with fresh ideas are needed so the industry can pick up again.

How important has Star FM been in bringing the Zim musical scene to the forefront and indeed what needs to change for things to get better?

I think that Star Fm came at a very important time in Zim-right time too! It’s one of the few stations that opened up and that alone is a stepping stone for artists and dj’s. To make it even better more stations like Star Fm are needed.

Lastly if you were doing your last three track mix what would it be and why?

Elle Varner-Only Wanna Give It To You (remix)

Angel Haze-Cleaning Out My Closet (warning graphic lyrics regarding sexual abuse)

Justin Timbaland-Suit & Tie.

Elle came onto the scene with such power, I love what she’s doing, as for Ms Haze, I came across her after a pal recommended her, I was so stunned by the work, lyrics, ouch!! Suit and Tie I love because it’s a tune my son(Brooklyn)adores, great remix with Ryan Leslie out on promo right now, banging tune!!