DJ SupaTruka ThaGrim

Fort Worth-based DJ SupaTruka ThaGrim is back producing for Addison D”Savage, teaming up to release their fourth album collaboration.

Addison D”Savage wrote his lyrics from a place of personal frustration, an element that DJ SupaTruka ThaGrim was able to emphasise in the Hip Hop influenced track. Driven by its backbeat and guitar riff, DJ SupaTruka ThaGrim’s production keeps Addison D”Savage’s self-reflective lyrics at the forefront.

Inspired by Valentino Khan, DJ SupaTruka ThaGrim aims to bring a new spin to Hip Hop and EDM, drawing on these genre tropes as well as elements from pop and rock. “I hear something new and different when I’m producing” says DJ SupaTruka ThaGrim with his aim always being to create new sounds and push his music further.