tyre pressure

Kwik Fit is one of the leading fast fit specialists in the UK that deals with tyres, breaks, car servicing, and similar other jobs.

They take care of your cars and assure that it is working appropriately. Recently, they have announced the #TyreChallenge which is there to test your knowledge and see how good you are with the tyre and its care. No doubt, the tyres are among the most crucial parts of a vehicle and it is recommended that one should take the quiz to see how much knowledge they possess regarding tyre care. Here, we will prepare you a bit for the Kwik Fit tyre challenge and will provide you with some tyre safety tips.

Things to check

When we talk about examining a tyre to make sure that it is working appropriately, you have to take care of a few things.

Start by taking a thorough look at the tyre. See if you can find anything wrong with the inner and outer sidewalls and make sure that it appears to be in the right condition.

Then, consider the tread depth of the tyre and assure that it complies with the standards.

Moreover, you have to see the pressures in the tyre and be certain that there aren’t any irregular wear.

Also, don’t forget to examine the spare tyre that you have in your vehicle.

Tyre pressure

Move into the detail examination and take a look at the tyre. One should assure that it is not under inflated. It is recommended that a person must consider inspecting it at least once every fortnight. Take a look at the vehicle manual to find out the right tyre pressure you need.

Always check the tyre pressures when they are cold. Leave them at least for an hour after driving so that they are cool. Driving around with under inflated or over inflated tyres will have an adverse effect on the handling. Also, the wrong tyre pressure will increase the wear and shorten its lifespan. It enhances the risk of tyre failing as you drive.

tyre tread

Tread Depth

For tread depth, you have to see the guidelines given by the authorities. It is given that a tyre should have a tread depth of 1.6mm which is about 75% across the surface. Ignoring the minimum tyre depth is unsafe as well as goes against the law. It can lead to a fine of up to 2500 pounds and three penalty points might be given on driving license.

The easiest way to check the tyre depth is to get a 20 pence piece and place it between the main grooves of your tyre. If the outer band of your coin is visible, it means that the depth is not good enough.

Other elements

Apart from that, check for the wheel alignment and wheel balancing. Ignoring these two will make it tough for you to handle your vehicle and leads to heavy mechanical damage. Ask the mechanic to take a good look at the alignment and if there are any errors in these two get them fixed at the spot. And don’t forget to test your spare tyre too. Keep checking it for the tyre tread and pressure from time to time.

Do keep in mind that driving on illegal tyre means that you are no longer insured!