Whether you believe in ghosts or not it’s undeniable that some places, for whatever reason, just give us the creeps.

Whether it be the old fashioned décor, the eerie silence that hangs over the property or the footsteps on the landing in the dead of night some properties give the feeling that they may be occupied by something or someone else.

England is renowned for being home to a number of haunted locations and spooky dwellings, each with a paranormal story of their own to tell. This intriguing visual from We Buy Any Home takes a listicle look at the top nine haunted locations in the UK and what it is about them that makes them eligible for the most haunted title.

The UK’s Most Haunted Locations

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, this infographic makes for interesting reading and shows that ghostly activity could be just a stones throw away from your own doorstep.