How are you?

Thank you for entering Miss Flavour 2010? This years competition looks extremely stiff and we are looking forward to seeing who will be in the grand finals this year that will be held on November 3rd at Cafe de Paris.

Currently Jade Saleh is at the top of the votes with a fantastic 87. Well done Jade.

Just to let you know we have a few amazing prizes to give away for our text vote winners:

1. The person who receives more text votes then 2009 text vote winner Clare Foxx will receive a free website blog designed by Flavour Magazine and 4 free tickets for their friends or family member to attend Miss Flavour 2010. Clare managed to get 635 votes last year. Can you beat that number?

2. The person who has the highest amount of votes at 5pm on 15th September when the votes close will win a BOOMBOX MIX. The MIX is the genuine ‘next generation’ boombox for the way music enthusiasts are playing their music today. Its sexy and play music as good as a DJ set from this small box that also fits an iphone or ipod. Go to for the full MIX “inspiration” story.



Now all you have to do is secure those votes. Have you asked all the members of your friends and family to vote? If each one of them voted it could go a long way. Also do the following:

  • Create a Facebook group saying Vote for ENTER YOUR NAME for Miss Flavour 2010 and add the text number details in there and the exact wording they should text in the information section and request all your friends to join and tell them to tell their friends to join. You need your friends and families support to get into the final.

  • Do the same with MySpace, send out feeds on Twitter updating friends of your progress.

  • Contact your local radio station or newspaper and ask them if they can do an article on you letting their audience know that you have entered and that they can vote for you. And if there are other interesting things going on with your life or career they let them know so that they h. ave an angle to work with.

  • Make sure you are happy with the pictures you submit.

  • Above your profile is the SHARE button. Remember you can hover over that and share it to Facebook, Yahoo, Global Grind, Digg, Flickr, your email contacts list etc.

  • There are many website, e-magazine et dedicated to promoting models or up and coming talent simply email them asking if they would be willing to interview you and promote your text number.

Last years winner Melissa Lewars is now gracing bus shelters, billboards and magazine pages as the face of Luster Products new hair care range XVO. We are not making any promises that this will happen to you. However, Miss Flavour is a stepping stone for you to get seen. So if you want it go for it.

Hopefully we will see you in the final.

Good luck

Flavour Magazine