Photo of a wheels being screwed onto a vehicle

You might be a careful and conscientious car owner, who always attends each recommended service promptly and keeps their car in great condition as a matter of course.

For you, the MOT test might be something of an unnecessary inconvenience – after all. However, you need to know that if you are someone who prefers having road trips within the UK localities such as in London, Yorkshire or even scenic routes of Scotland, having a MOT certificate is compulsory!

If you already keep your car in a good condition without having a proper MOT certificate you need to consider the following points on how can an MOT make your journey safer?

A Second Look

While you may be careful and thorough with your checks and services, it never hurts to have a second pair of eyes check over the vehicle. This is because a mechanic may be able to recognise the signs of impending failure long before you even notice that there might be an issue. This can allow remedial action to be taken early, saving you time and money, and perhaps, preventing a breakdown while you are driving on a busy road, which can be dangerous as well as time-consuming, inconvenient and expensive. A final point, if somewhat less likely: your regular mechanic might become a little blasé when it comes to your vehicle. Because they know you are a careful driver, they may not check as carefully as they should, allowing subtle signs of wear and tear to build up until they are much more noticeable – and much more complicated to repair.

Professional Expertise

MOT inspectors have the tools and the training to spot issues with parts of your vehicle that you cannot assess yourself. Your emissions, for example, must fall below a strict criterion and you have no real way of measuring these for yourself. Your annual MOT check can work as an extra layer of reassurance for you that your garage is doing a good job at keeping your car completely roadworthy and in good working order. Furthermore, if you think your car’s MOT is due in Featherstone, you can visit experts at Reg Greenwood who are certified professionals.

Other Drivers Must Comply

Perhaps the major way that your MOT makes your journey safer is by ensuring that not only your vehicle but every car on the road is in the same legally compliant and roadworthy condition. While you may be rigorous with your servicing, other drivers – perhaps grown complacent over time – may be less so, assuming that their vehicle is all right, or deciding to try and save a few pounds by delaying their service a little longer – and then a little longer again. Being legally compelled to get an MOT means that their less than stringent attitude will not be permitted to stand for very long, as the MOT inspector will quickly pick up on any faults and insist on the vehicle being made legally compliant within a very short period of time.

Prevents Unwanted Police Stops

If your vehicle has insurance and an MOT, and you are driving according to the rules of the road, then you are far more likely to be waved through any roadblocks and police checks. Often these are mounted simply to net any drivers who are driving without a license, without insurance and/ or without an MOT. While most police checks don’t take long, being found driving without one of the above can be a different story, seeing you earn points on your driving license, perhaps even be banned from driving for a time, or even lose your vehicle altogether.

When it comes to your MOT, it can definitely make your journey safer, and knowing that your certificate is up-to-date and your car is in good condition can give you – and other road users – confidence in knowing that all the vehicles on the road are likely to be safe to be there.