A photo of people swimming in the sea

Located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea on Malta’s smallest inhabited island, Comino, the picturesque Blue Lagoon cove is an idyllic spot to spend a day.

Spectacular rugged cliffs overlook crystal-clear waters tinted beautiful shades of blue by the sun’s glow, hardly rippling with waves. It’s a popular spot among tourists, so it is better to visit early morning if you are after a bit of peace and quiet. If you’re looking for a party, the afternoon is the time to go.

A guide to The Blue Lagoon in Malta by Love Holidays notes how the location is essentially built for a day trip, as Comino only has three inhabitants and one hotel. A perfumed aroma from the surrounding fields’ herbs and plants of this designated wildlife sanctuary fills the air.  Off the coast, dolphins, seals, and various other aquatic birds and wildlife can often be seen in the deeper waters.

This alluring exotic haven draws tourists to its shore for the wonderful photographic opportunities and an exceptional scuba diving and swimming experience. A visit to the Blue Lagoon can truly be reinvigorating, with various benefits to health and well-being discussed below.

Relaxes Your Body and Mind

Science has proven that being by the sea on a sun-kissed shore benefits your health and well-being.  The human brain positively reacts to “blue space” and perceives it as a powerful sense of calm and tranquillity. This means you automatically feel more relaxed when looking at the beautiful blue water of the sea.

Swimming in the waves allows you to feel more connected with you surroundings, giving the brain a rest by rejuvenating other senses. The iodine in the sea air also balances serotonin levels, which is a key factor in controlling mood, sleep patterns, and other body functions. In fact, a study in the Journal of Environmental Psychology even shows that being by the coast increases creativity and insight.

A couple of people sitting on a rock, next to a sea

Helps Recovery From Illness

Convalescence on the coast is often prescribed for people suffering from an illness or recovering from surgery. The Blue Lagoon has inherent healing properties as a beachside retreat.

For starters, the sun’s ultraviolet rays provide a major source of vitamin D. Relaxing in the Mediterranean sunshine for eight to ten minutes at the height of the season will provide enough vitamin D to help your body retain calcium and phosphorous, both critical for good bone health.

Meanwhile, the buoyancy of the water here is a great buffer when exercising,  putting less stress on bones and muscles as you increase your heartbeat. On top of that, breathing in the salty sea breeze cleans the sinuses and clears the lungs, reducing the need to take drugs like antibiotics.

Great for Shared Experiences

The Blue Lagoon is a sanctuary whether you want some alone time or a party atmosphere. Aside from the inherently happy and relaxed vibe of Maltese culture, simply being in the grand scenery of the location is enough to make some happy memories.

Walking on the beach, swimming in the Blue Lagoon’s deep waters, or sitting on the rocks watching the fantastic sunset can evoke happy memories and bring you closer. There are also tons of quieter spots you can explore when the main area is busy with other tourists. If you prefer excitement, you can also check out the various aquatic creatures that make their home here. You can take also boat trips, go snorkeling, or rent some water sports equipment. All of these amazing activities make for an unforgettable getaway that can really rejuvenate you within.

Images via Unsplash