dogz or catz

Written during or after parties ‘RETOX’ is the debut album to come from London alternative hip hop duo Dogz or Godz.

Holding nothing back lyrically, the album is an energetic realisation of the Dogz or Godz brand. Teaming up with Liam Howlett and featuring young rapper Jake Emlyn, ‘RETOX’ was finally completed during lockdown after years of work.

Listen to the Retox Album now

Dogz or Godz is my alter ego ‘Karluchio’ and ‘Tom aka T God’ in the studio with the gloves off. The London duo’s frontman Karluchio first made his name as a producer in the 90s with girl band ALL SAINTS.

Bringing their loud energy to the studio, Dogz or Godz has been a project years in the making. Unapologetic, loud and raw, their music is not to be missed.