Don Cheadle’s Miles Ahead, the unconventional biopic on a five-year period in the life of legendary Jazz Musician Miles Davis, hits UK Cinemas on April the 22nd.

We got to spend a little time with Cheadle to talk about Miles Ahead. The film in which he makes his directorial debut as well as playing Jazz legend Miles Davis. He also puts to sleep rumours of War Machines fate on Captain America: Civil War.

Cheadle, who stars as Miles Davis, wrote and directed this creative masterpiece has had an impressive career date with films such as Hotel Rwanda and the highly successful comic book franchise Captain America.

Miles Davis has influenced an abundance of music artists over the years such as the likes of Kanye, Iggy Pop, St. Vincent and Radiohead. You may not listen or be familiar with Davis’s music but one way or another via your own favourite artists he could well and truly have influenced your own music tastes.

We have obtained this extremely cool poster which shows quotes from today’s artists paying tribute to Miles Davis.