You might be travelling abroad for a holiday or a business trip but either way you have to remember to take the essentials with you.

An article in the Daily Mail states that 21% of people in the UK see overseas holidays as a necessity with many more saying they will spend more on travel in the coming year. With current airport restrictions, holiday packing has become a fine art.

Check with the airline’s website
When travelling by air you must check with the airline’s website to make sure you can carry certain items with you. One typical example is the e-cigarette as seen on the Phoenix eliquid website. Smoking is bad for your health, and the transportation of combustible lighters is not encouraged. According to international law e-cigarettes can be carried with you but only in your luggage, not in your pocket. There are many other items that you will want to carry with you, so you should make a list well in advance and making sure you don’t forget that all important toothbrush.

Pharmacy medications
The Huffington Post blog recommends that you stock up on sunscreen, after sun, and insect repellent, but the list also includes anti sickness medications. If you are going to a more exotic destination, where you may have problems with the local water or food, it’s a good idea to be prepared. You don’t want to spend your holiday in the local hospital, after all. If you have a long-term medical condition you should check with the authorities before travelling just in case your meds aren’t allowed in the country you are destined for. Ask your doctor for a list of all of your prescribed medications.

If you are going to a country you have never visited before then taking the right clothing is the first thing you should organise. Carry out some research into the local climate, in advance of your holiday. A good book for the flight, or in case of any delays, is always a good idea and taking something to keep the kids occupied may make life a little smoother. Packing all essentials in advance of reaching your chosen holiday spot. Sensible packing can save you money as some countries maybe a lot more expensive than at home. The blog, Travelling Chic, recommends cross packing, where you place some of your clothes in your child’s case and vice versa. Therefore if one of your suitcases goes astray you will at least have enough clothing to last you a few days.

Technology and mobile phones
With new regulations being constantly updated it is important that you make sure that your mobile phones and laptops are fully charged when you arrive at the airport. If they aren’t topped up then they will be taken away. When taking electronic devices abroad make sure that you have your charger and an adapter for that country’s electricity supply, as these can differ.