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Though it shouldn’t be, erectile dysfunction is an incredibly difficult thing for men to talk about.

Usually, they just keep quiet about it and hope it goes away on its own. Guys, we need to stop going inward when something like this happens and face it so we can fix it.

No, that doesn’t mean making an announcement about it on Facebook. I mean talking to your partner and GP to see what can be done. Ignoring won’t help and will only make things worse.

It may be a temporary thing caused by some external factors, or it could be something long term that needs a pharmaceutical to treat.

In this article, I am going to talk about ED in a real way to hopefully help you overcome this problem so it doesn’t end up affecting other parts of your life.

What causes ED

There are so many possibilities when it comes to the causes of erectile dysfunction that it is a miracle we are able to get erect at all.

Our psychological health plays a huge role as does our physical health. Any number of things, or a combination of factors, can play a role in why we experience ED.

Let me first clarify that from time to time you may have trouble getting erect, but this is not erectile dysfunction. Failure to launch happens to everybody at some point or another. Whether it is stress or anxiety or simply being too tired to perform, there comes a time when a guy can’t get an erection. Totally fine and nothing to worry about.

When it becomes an ongoing issue, you need to take a step back and look at why it is happening.

What changed in your life for it to become a regular thing? Gaining excess weight over time has a big impact. A health issue for which you are taking a medication can also cause ED. Definitely talk to your doctor if this only happened after you’ve gotten a prescription.

If you are stressed and feeling the pressures of life, then this could contribute. So much of your physiology is actually mental, that you can experience ED because of what is happening in your brain.

Then an endless loop begins in which you get even more stressed because of your ED and inability to satisfy your partner. Depression and anxiety are not far behind in a scenario like that.

In this case, you may need to seek out some therapy is the problem persists.

How to treat ED

To properly treat your ED, you have to figure out the cause of it. If it is a physical problem, then you’ll probably need a prescription for Viagra or some other drug. These drugs work to increase blood flow to your penis to help it get erect and stay that way long enough to perform sexually.

You can also make some changes to your lifestyle by dropping some weight and eating foods that don’t interfere with your sexual health. Regular exercise will also get the blood flowing and should help. Electric pumps for your penis can also increase your blood flow so look into one of those if you want to treat yourself naturally.

For those who feel that stress and anxiety is a contributing factor, doing some yoga or meditating can help considerably. Though serious problems like finances or problems at work won’t be solved by doing these things, you’re better able to manage your stress caused by some problems. That helps you think clearly to solve your issues and get your sex life back.

Ignore social media for a while as too many people love to show their wonderful lives and relationships which will only make you feel worse about your situation. Remember that everybody has problems and they are only showing good moments online. Nobody is that blessed that their lives are like a Disney movie.

What happens if you don’t treat ED

Not dealing with your erectile dysfunction can have some serious negative effects on your life.

If your ED is caused by an underlying health issue, then prolonging treatment can have some adverse effects on your overall health. For example, if your problem is caused by high blood pressure, but you never found that out because you didn’t talk to your doctor then it is not getting treated. Treat the issue to maintain or improve your health and a bonus is that you’ll also get over your ED.

You can also slip into depression if this problem persists. When you have ED your sense of masculinity takes a big hit and causes low self-esteem in general. This can fester and then lead to more serious mental health problems.

Relationships often also get very strained. Your partner may withdraw either through feelings of guilt or because of your depression making it hard to be together. If the rift gets too wide, then sex therapy is probably going to be needed to put the relationship back together and resume a normal sex life.

Wrapping it up 

Don’t think that you’re too young to have ED as it can affect guys in their 20s even. If you feel like this is not the occasional issues with trouble getting an erection and the problem persists, don’t be stubborn.

Talk to your partner about it and keep communication open. Then talk to your doctor. They will run some tests to see if the problem is physical or mental and let you know what your options are.

Ignoring it out of embarrassment helps nobody. By overcoming the shame, you can fix the problem and move on.

You owe it to yourself and your partner to take the steps necessary to put your sex life back together. Your life will improve dramatically once you successfully treat ED. Not only your sex life, but all other aspects of your life will take a turn for the positive when you aren’t dealing with ED.