Dora Martin is invading British music and Flavourmag has a feeling they will be big.

Dora Martin is made up of singer-song writer Cherri Voncelle (Cherri V) and former FDM group member Jermaine Riley. The coupling came about organically, once writing partners in a collective called ‘The Writer House’ which included Grammy Award winning producer Harmony Samuels. Now the pair has decided to team up and create a new formidable force within the music industry. A departure from their own solo R&B efforts, the dynamic duo offer music listeners a new, innovative sound.

Their five track EP, aptly titled ‘Coalition’ is set for release on Monday 28th October on iTunes and will showcase their undeniable talent. Not your typical female and male duo, the two independent artists are in their own lane and the lead single ‘SKYLINE’ is sufficient evidence. The track is sonically futuristic and can be classed as a genre all of its own. A nod to their roots, they’ve put their own unique spin on the British National Anthem as a viral introduction. It is clear Dora Martin want to be different and have their own distinguished sound, setting themselves apart from anyone else.

The duo’s chemistry is undeniable. With strong melodies and equally powerful messages of the pitfalls of love, their voices complement each other. Their harmonious blend of vocals is also showcased on tracks ‘LOVE INSANIAC’ and ‘SOLDIER’. The emotive lyrics in ‘LOVE INSANIAC’ such as “Everything you put me through, I come running back’ and ‘How you gonna mend it? Now I gotta end it” capture the heartache and experiences shared in relationships that listeners will surely identify with.

Watching the pair in the studio you can tell Cherri and Jermaine simply vibe off each other. Their impeccable writing skills are also highlighted on the other tracks on the EP ‘BLACK HISTORY’ and ‘BLIND MAN TREASURE’. With the clever word play and catchy beats, the songs are a work of art. ‘BLACK HISTORY’ is also produced by DJ Camper who is known for his work on Big Sean’s “Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay” and Jay Z’s ‘Somewhereinamerica’. Dora Martin certainly has the backing of some of the biggest heavy-hitters in the music industry.


The name “Dora” derives from the cartoon ‘Dora The Explorer’ a nickname Jermaine gave Cherri, who was touring across the world during the duo’s conception. But they realised Dora needed a significant surname that wasn’t “The Explorer”. So the pair took inspiration from Martin Luther King’s famous phrase “I have a dream!” in reference to Jermaine’s persistent drive towards his dream. There you have it; Dora Martin.

Cherri and Jermaine have already set the bar high by supporting US R&B star Brandy at the Indigo2 this past September, so we expect Dora Martin to be all over the British music scene in the coming months…Dora Martin is one to watch.

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