You could be the most experienced and skilful driver in the world, but when it comes to poor weather conditions Mother Nature can sometimes have the upper hand.

With the seasons about to change and more unpredictable weather on the way, double checking your MOT and motor insurance is all up-to-date is your first point of call as well as preparing your motor for poor driving conditions is particularly timely, especially as we have no idea when the big chill could commence.

That is why it is important that you cover all your bases and ready your vehicle for anything to reduce the risk of accidents, and to improve health and safety. It could be something as simple as checking your tyre tread and air pressure is correct, or that wiper blades are functioning correctly.

As a rule of thumb, I have always lived by a few simple rules, such as leaving a winter coat and a blanket in the boot. Luckily I have never had to use any of these, however, if that day ever arises, it will be there for my comfort. If you have children, you can always leave a few toys and games in the boot too as you wouldn’t want to be stuck in a car with screaming children, without being able to entertain them and very a small bag of sweets, can sometimes calm the rowdiest of children in moments of despair.

Another tip is to make sure you have antifreeze & screen wash at hand (more details explain below)… Nothing worse, than driving down a motorway, without screen wash to keep your windscreen nice a clean.

The next tip should go without saying… Breakdown Cover! You’d be surprised how many people seem to forget about breakdown cover, especially drivers of newer vehicles. Breakdown Cover protects you against the unexpected and can help you get to your destination during harsh weather conditions

Drivers of some commercial vehicles may need to consider how they can continue to operate in tough conditions. Installing a radar sensor system by Brigade Electronics will assist operators of vehicles where blind spots are much larger due to elevated driver positions. Dumpers running in harsher terrain are exposed to visibility issues such as thick dust; by installing a sensor system you can ensure that when you are in the driver’s seat, you are aware of everything happening around you. Sensors can prevent accidents and even fatalities on the road or in the workplace.

Driverless cars, hailed as the future of motoring, will use motion sensors, lasers that measure distance and cameras placed all over the vehicle to keep an eye on what is happening on the road. Consider installing a radar sensor system to keep up with this latest technology and improve your experience and confidence when driving.

However, when you are behind the wheel it is important that you manage safety aspects yourself. As the colder weather and shorter days draw in it is important that you check over the basics on your vehicle, whether it be a car, a van or even a tractor, to ensure it is in top working order. A winter service is also recommended as the temperature drops.

Lights are of the utmost importance when it comes to driving in poor weather, you need to be seen by other drivers and people, so check that all bulbs are in good working order. Many don’t think to check regularly, but ensuring your horn is fully functional is also really important, it can prevent accidents on the road and in the workplace by making others around you aware of your presence.

As mentioned earlier, engine coolant is one of many liquids in your vehicle, which you must regularly check is at the correct level, it should ideally be between the max and min line markers. If there is not enough engine coolant your car could overheat and cause a significant amount of damage to the engine. Checking your Anti-freeze is also important and is cheap to buy, whereas fixing a frozen engine can work out very expensive. The AA provides an easy to follow tutorial video online, on how to check your coolant.

Topping up your screen wash can significantly improve your safety and visibility in your vehicle. Salt and spray on the road in poor weather can build up and just using the wiper blades can make things worse.

With all these simple, but essential, checks completed before you head out on the road or around the workplace, you should be ready to tackle anything our Great British weather system decides to throw at you over the next few months.

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