Friday 16th January


Had the chance to meet up with a my fellow dryathlete Jess for dinner, we were joined by Alice and Yaisa who aren’t such big drinker so there was no worries that we’d be slipping off the wagon. I decided to get my teetotal pre drink on with a non- alcoholic sparkling Rose Grape juice, it did even less for me than the 0% beer I had tried back in week 1. Whilst at the restaurant I indulged in a carrot, coconut and Orange juice which I won’t lie, gave me a smug face. Early night for me, so another money saving evening for me!
1 x Rose grape juice
1 x fruit juice
Saturday 17th January
Feeling like I’d lacked some serious dance action in 2015 I was excited to get my dance on for a friend’s birthday. I wasn’t overly daunted by the fact I would be sober and my friends would be riding the tipsy train but it was quite the random evening. Alcohol causes people to gain confidence and politeness goes out the window- a drunk person always thinks they’re right.

There were a few occasions when people drunkenly fell into me, barged past or helplessly dropped drinks near to me. From the sober outset it was annoying to say the least bit when I started to take the mick and act like a bafoon I actually enjoyed myself a bit more than focusing on the annoying, drunken traits of those around me. My inhibitions went out the window and I found it hilarious especially by the looks I was getting from security.
2 x diet cokes
1 x j20
2 x energy drink zero
1 x Apple, mango and passion fruit juice
From the outside it probably appeared that i had been drinking, alas I had drank 2 diet cokes throughout the night and was suffering from dry mouth. There’s something so long winded about waiting to be served for a drink at the bar that forced me to hold off. By the end of the evening I’d been pretending I was a gangster rapper for too long and my voice had escaped me.
Realised a few days later that I must endure two more weekends without alcohol. This bummed me out to the max as I thought January was a 4 week month. Bah!!!
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