The launch of E4 in 2001 created a whole new style of youth television. In its 10 years, the channel which launched successful mega hit shows like Skins, The Inbetweeners and Misfits today announced a new eight-part drama series from Big Talk Productions set in the UK surrounding the urban music scene.

Youngers, is written by emerging talents Georgia Lester (Skins), Mark Catley (Casualty) and Levi David Addai who received critical acclaim for his recent BBC Three documentary (My Murder). The quick-witted comedy drama set in South East London follows a group of friends trying to negotiate their way through teenage life in a world that’s more about swag than grades.

Open auditions were held in London to find new faces with over 350 applicants, aged 16 – 19. The successful candidates will star alongside YouTube heroes Mandem On The Wall aka recent BRIT school graduates Jovian Wade, Percelle Ascott and comedy actor Dee Kartier.

Like many youngsters who are  nervously opening their GCSE results today, the drama also follows friends Yemi and Jay who timidly make their way to find out their future.  Aspiring producer Yemi manages to pass, but there’s no celebrating for Jay.  Determined to avoid a career fixing boilers with his dad, MC Jay picks up a leaflet for Mic Star, a local music competition that could be his break into the urban music industry.  But for these Youngers it’s never going to be that easy…

Commissioning Editor for Channel 4 Drama, Sophie Gardiner said; “Youngers is a very exciting project for E4.  Levi David Addai has written something utterly contemporary, witty and warm, which offers an insight into the lives of teenagers who have dreams and talent – a view of a world we don’t often see.”

Youngers will be broadcast on E4 in 2013.