Everyone looks good when they manage to wear the appropriate kind of dress, matching their body type. Same applies for petite women.

They need to wear the kind of dress which goes well with their height. You can find an amazing collection of petite dresses at Debenhams. Any women who come under the height of 5’4’’ is considered as petite. Here I will be sharing some amazing tips, which will help you to appear awesome in the crowd. These tips can also be noted down by women, who want to appear tall or who have their upper body equal to the lower one.

Untitled1The tips are as follows:

Wear dresses with waistline: Remember that you wear dresses which have a defined waistline, as that will help to make your legs look longer. They capture the attention and helps to divide your body into two parts, and thus increase your height. You can use high heels too to make your legs look longer.

Go for solid colours: Try to get dresses with solid colours. The dresses with prints make you appear small, especially when it comes to big prints. So, make sure you avoid them as they tend to make you appear small.

Wear belted dresses: When it comes to belted dresses, they can prove to be a good option as they tend to make petite women appear long. There are some things that you need to avoid, such as, try to wear belts with the thin look, as it will make you appear slim. Moreover, try to get the belt in the same colour as your dress and avoid contrasts. This is necessary because contrast belts may make your body appear in two portions.

Go for A-line dresses: If you are healthy or have put on those some extra fat around your waist, A-line dresses can be your best option. This will help to enhance your silhouette.

Go for shorts: Short dresses like mini dresses can be your best option when you are getting ready for a casual get together. Knee-length dresses can also be opted, as they will make you appear tall.

Go for vertical designs: When it comes to petite women, dresses with vertical designs or vertical lines will help to look long. You must take care to avoid dresses with horizontal lines.

Avoid heavy accessories: It is better to go for light accessories if you are petite. Heavy accessories will make you look bulky and heavy.

Wearing the right way will always make you look smart and up to the point. A number of retail and online fashion stores now comes with a large collection of petite dresses. Most of the time they come with prices which help people to afford it.