The onset of a new year is a time when many of us decide to turn over a new leaf… and, no, we don’t mean literally.

After all, if it’s your home that you want to revamp in 2017, you should do quite a bit more than simply turning over one of the loose leaves that have fallen on the front porch. Still, the following home improvements are simple to enact while having the potential for great returns.

Craft a home that is as you as you

You should expect homes to become more personalised in appearance this year, according to HomeBeautiful. And, really, it’s a trend that shouldn’t surprise. After all, our homes are like physical extensions of ourselves – and we can differ hugely in our personal tastes and preferences.

But, when it comes to homes, which tastes and preferences will be among the most prominent? We can expect homeowners to take account of their personalities as each household aims for a look complementing their style sense. That will result in sophisticated hues leaving white behind in popularity when it comes to colour – though, for window frames, grey, sage green and cream will notably rise in popularity in 2017. Entirely new homes, too, can incorporate much personalisation – the individually tailored residences from Millwood Design Homes being a good case in point.

Invite Mother Nature into your home

We reckon that the Eighties pop star Kim Wilde was onto more than a little something when she decided to turn her back on music to become a gardener. Gardening seems to be a major pastime of many Brits – and so the existing trend of bringing the outdoors in, so to speak, shouldn’t fade at any time soon. Plus, there are many ways that interior and exterior spaces can be effectively blended.

For example, you could put some stunning bi-fold doors in place to not only let in more natural light but also make it easier to get into your garden when you fancy doing a bit of trimming or planting a few new flowers. You could particularly take advantage of aluminium bi-fold doors, the sight lines of which are slimmer than those of PVC-U doors. This means that, even when closed, those doors will still leave the room looking as though it is welcoming Mother Nature or why not invest in some indoor plants to really help with the feng shui and improve your mood and remodel your indoor aesthetic – ultimately sprucing up your house and your health.

Replace your front door

Thanks to social media, it’s very easy to keep up to date with what home improvement trends are emerging even on the other side of the world. After all, it’s very easy for many of us to photograph part of our house on our smartphone before sharing the image to Instagram. And, on that image sharing site, the hashtag #ihavethisthingwithdoors has attracted over 65,000 posts.

Your front door can be instrumental in the first impression that people garner of your residence, whether they are simply passing by or visiting. Replacing that door could not only make your home look better but also let you utilise better energy efficiency and security.