Unapologetically pushing through the industry with her straight-up lyrical punches, Ekelle reclaims herself with her debut EP ‘Dark Skin & Tattoos’ accompanied by visuals for her pro-ho single ‘Throw Them Dollaz’.

In keeping with the theme of women empowerment, her EP and single ‘Throw Them Dollaz’ highlights her struggles of being a woman in the music industry and the judgement she encountered.

On the single Ekelle said, “This song is about my struggles and the struggles of other women the music industry, it’s very hard to get a start as a female and it’s extremely expensive so I’m just telling people I need money. I have no problem with someone investing in me and my career whether that be a baller, an executive or just myself!”

“With the music that I make people are going to assume whatever they want about me sexually and I don’t care, it’s my life. I’m not talking about anything that women before me haven’t done and women after me will do. I briefly stripped, I worked for as a bachelorette dancer, I’ve been a waitress in a strip club and I’m not ashamed, just having a regular 9-5 doesn’t cut it anymore these days”

Her EP encapsulates women empowerment, whether it’s capturing the intricacies of love on ‘Dark Skin & Tattoos,’ to reclaiming herself in ‘Throw Them Dollaz’ the spellbinding EP explores the many crevasses of what women go through on the daily.

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