José Padilha’s critically acclaimed blockbuster Elite Squad: The Enemy Within is a compelling action-packed drama, revealing the depths of corruption and brutality from the streets of Rio de Janeiro right through to the heart of Brazil’s political system.

Following on from Padilha’s Elite Squad (2007), this gritty sequel is the most successful product of Brazil’s cinematic revival, attracting audiences of ten million in its first nine weeks and now it comes to DVD and Blu-ray courtesy Revolver Entertainment on 26 December.                  

Inspired by real events, the action follows respected Lieutenant-Colonal Roberto Nasciment
o (Wagner Moura) and his second in command Andres Matias (Andre Ramiro) as they battle the urban drug wars and the immoral politics of Rio de Janeiro. After a prison raid turns into a bloodbath, leader of BOPE (Special Police Operations Battalion), Nascimento is kicked upstairs for a desk job overseeing the country’s security and discovers the full extent of the deep-seated corruption.

Nascimento embarks on the colossal task of untangling the mountainous web of deceit that finds gang leaders, militias and the State all in cahoots. The stakes are high and no one knows where the shots will come from in this slick, tough, fast-moving thriller.

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In the film who plays Officer Roberto Nascimento:

a) Wagner Moura

b) Wagner from X-Factor

c) Robert Wagner

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