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“Mii and My Broken Heart” – Ella Eyre Talks about Life in 3DS. The multi-award-winning superstar opens up about life off stage, and the interesting turn her love life has taken!

Ella Eyre is known for her laidback approach to life, but sparks are set to fly as The BRIT Award-winning songstress reveals that she is embroiled in a complicated Tomodachi Life love triangle – featuring long-term boyfriend (Rixton’s Lewi Morgan) and best friend, musician Chloe Howl!

Luckily for the feisty Feline singer, the drama is confined to her Nintendo 3DS, thanks to the world she is inhabiting in Tomodachi Life, a quirky game which allows her to populate her very own paradise island with her closest friends and family, and then watch as the drama unfolds.

nintendo Ella Eyre

A creative soul, Ella has always loved immersing herself in new environments, and admits that sometimes she can get a bit carried away with the fictional goings-on of her island: “I’m away from home a lot, so I love things that give me a sense of familiarity. It really makes me laugh to see my favourite people being silly – it reminds me that even if I’m not with them, I can still watch them mess around together,” Eyre explains.

“My Mii character is having a really tough time getting a boyfriend at the moment. Lewi keeps knocking me back, so I have to think up ways to get him to like me. I’ve sung him songs, visited his island and even taken him his favourite snack spring rolls to try and tempt him – trying the classic ‘the way to a man’s heart through his stomach’ tactic, but so far… nothing!”

In a bid to make her real-life love interest see sense, Ella reveals that her Mii is about to embark on a relationship with a new guy, introduced to her by Chloe: “With all the break-ups and dating, it feels a bit like an episode of a soap… I’m hoping the Ella Mii can have a happy ending and meet someone new to have some wonderful times with!”

Ella’s love for playing games spills into her family and friends’ lives, too: the singer-songwriter often spends her downtime hanging at her mum’s with her nearest and dearest pals. Whether it’s helping each other’s Mii character realise their hopes and dreams in Tomodachi Life, letting their imaginations run free as they hone their design skills in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, or just getting downright competitive with her bandmates in Mario Kart 7, games have always been centre stage in her life.

nintendo Ella Eyre

As part of a new Nintendo 3DS campaign – My Life in 3DS, with Ella Eyre – Ella gives an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at her life, and with her friends and family explains the important role that gaming plays for her. To watch the first in a series of YouTube videos, click here.

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Ella Eyre loves playing games which allow her to use her creativity and express her unique personality. She is proud to be an ambassador for Nintendo 3DS – check out to see her latest video.