Taken by Mellow 9 Productions

We love Frankie Cocozza here at Flavour Mag. You might recognise the Brighton lad from a little show called X-Factor, but he has been working hard on his own material since 2012.

Despite being on such a publicised show, Frankie is showing the world that you do not need all those big wigs behind you. His debut EP, “The Motorcycle” which featured tracks:  “She’s Got A Motorcycle”, “Catastrophic Casanova”, “Little Miss No Name” and “You Blew It”,  stormed its way into the top 20 of the ITunes charts and his YouTube channel is almost pushing the two million views mark, not bad for somebody still in their teens.


But now Frankie is getting ready for the release of his second EP. The lead single “Embrace” was posted on YouTube a couple of weeks ago, and previews of the EP can be heard on ITunes. Even though this is only a tidbit of Frankie’s new material, you can just how much his sound has grown.

To celebrate the upcoming release of “Embrace” we wanted to celebrate by showing some exclusive pictures, taken by Mellow 9 productions. You can pre-order Frankie Cocozza’s “Embrace” RIGHT NOW over at ITunes.