SoundCloud is like a music theme park, not only can you go on a musical ride, you can also have the ability to meet and collaborate with people who share the same interest as you.

Indie musicians stick to it like glue, a platform to showcase their musical talents and connect with their fans. We went through SoundCloud to check out which emerging artists’ you need be following.

9The Hotel

The Hotel are from London and have influences from the likes of Pharrell, Jay Z, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, The Notorious B.I.G. and Nas.  Proper soul, R&B music with sweet, sweet smooth melody. They just hit over 30K views on the latest track ‘Don’t Put On Ft Avay.’

8Abraham Blue

Abraham Blue is a singer/songwriter from Belgium, whilst he’s still trying to find his sound we love what he’s already got to offer. He’s got a smooth R&B/soul voice and if you enjoy the likes of The Weeknd then give him a listen, you will not be disappointed.


ScienZe is a hip-hop artist that reigns from Brooklyn, New York. His music represents what organic hip-hop music should be like, perfect for any modern diet.

6Sarsha Simone

Whilst this bombshell has been around the scene for a while, her unique Macy Gray-esque soulful voice has the ability to transcend you to another world. Having just dropped a banging track dubbed ‘Gonna Do Me’ (20syl Remix) featuring French producer Moar, it’s clear there are big things happening for Sarsha.

5Jody Brock

Jody Brock effortlessly mixes Soul and Rock, a combination most of us aren’t used to hearing together but Jody does it with ease which is evident in his latest EP Phoenix.


Moteleola is a hip-hop producer from London, young and fresh. Having had a few BBC air plays, Moteleola is a producer we all need to look out for. He’ll be doing productions for cats like Kanye & Jay Z any day now.


Soul singer Josue sounds a bit like Frank Ocean mixed with Bruno Mars. He’s always been around performing with his band The SoulBenders but now he’s flying solo and boy is he going to shine.

2Nike Jemiyo

Nike used to be a maths teacher, but she dropped everything to pursue her career as a singer. We are so glad she did because her latest ‘Hearts Grow EP,’ will give you the Aaliyah R&B vibes you’ve been missing.

1Yum Yum

Badass duo from Sydney, Slade on the vocals and Jayo on the beats. The two mesh so well together like butter on bread. Bringing delta blues and slick hip-hop undertone beats that are guaranteed to make you dance with joy or cry with happiness.